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Get to know The Family collective

Hey there, friend! I'm glad you're here. I want you to take a moment to imagine this scenario with me...

Picture this: You're currently pregnant and you're either reminded of, or experiencing for the first time, the unique busyness of a pregnancy season. Taking care of your family, pushing through the ever-changing hormones, trying to create balance in your day-to-day to give yourself time to prepare and rest. Though situations vary, we mamas know how overwhelming it can feel. Amidst all of the planning, prepping, and anticipation, we also know just how FAST this season flies by!!! I know it doesn't feel like it in the moment, but looking back it's almost shocking how fleeting it all seems.

(Even if the pregnancy season is not you right now, keep reading, the Family Collective is for all families in any season!)

As a mama, we have the unique capability of carrying our babies through a miraculous biological event. I am in awe of God's design in women and childbearing. It is such a privilege to play a role in growing, nurturing, and providing for our babies both pre-born and once they're born. If you're reading this as an expecting mama, a mama with littles, or a woman hopeful for her own babies one day - I have the utmost respect for your role in your family's lives.

Okay, back to our story! (I'm Queen of the squirrel moment - haha!)

You're pregnant, you're tired, you're busy, but there is a part of you that knows you would love to look back on this season one day to enjoy with your children and maybe even your children's children. The idea of finding a photographer who you trust and feel comfortable with among other things, can feel like an added item to the to-do list. I get it. Though, imagine you find a photographer who not only can make the planning and the session feel so stress-free, but can also be your go-to gal for several sessions through your new baby's first year of life? Think of all of those milestone events that happen in the first year of baby's life... they change SO QUICKLY! And re-hiring the same photographer for a single session at full price.. can break the bank pretty quickly! Does this sound like you?

Or, maybe you already have littles and want to make sure you capture the many milestones happening as they grow as toddlers. Well, I have the perfect solution for y'all....

Remove the stress of re-hiring a photographer several times throughout the year and save HUNDREDS by signing up for The Family Collective! The Family Collective is a single-year photography membership where you can choose any three milestone events or just because! Not only are you guaranteed a year's worth of sweet memories, but you can cross off "find a photographer" from your to-do list just once over the next year or so! So how exactly does this work? I'm glad you asked 😉

The Family Collective

One Photographer | Three Single Sessions | A Year's Worth Of Memories


This membership is a collective of three single sessions catered towards a year in the life. These can range from maternity, family sessions, birthday's and more.

(The membership is valid for a 12 month period from the day of sign-up.)

Who is this for:

Each year I offer only 10 new memberships to The Collective. If you're expecting or already have littles - this is for you!

How it works:

Upon signing up for a membership, you will receive access to the best experience for all three of your sessions. You will decide what three sessions you would like to schedule. We agree upon a general timeline for our sessions and you will have priority booking for those dates!

What's Included:

As a member, you will receive:

  • Access to Alicia Nicole's Client Closet for each session
  • $50 towards a qualified heirloom piece per session
  • My time and talent for your sessions
  • Session pre-planning for each session
  • An online gallery with one year of cloud storage per session
  • My Location Guide
  • My Style Guide
  • Access to my best tangible heirloom print pieces
  • A Welcome Box
  • 70+ High Res and Web Sized Images per session

Did I mention the savings? Save hundreds of dollars on the memories you won't want to miss out on! I am with you every step of the way from session planning to custom designing family heirlooms for you. Remove the hassle, save money, and take a deep breath mama - you're getting the memories with all of the benefits. It's so worth it!

The Family Collective was my most sought out package of 2023. I have made changes and improvements based on last year's feedback and I can't WAIT to experience this year with you all!

I anticipate these 10 memberships to fill up quickly, so if this is you, or you know someone who may be interested, sign up today with no date commitments to your sessions! Hit that inquiry button below and let's set up a Virtual Meeting to discuss this further. Can't wait 😊