jeraaaaa aka jera bean!

Jera, you are truly just the coolest, most radiant human!

I photographed Jera at a speaking event where she was presenting on optimizing business via TikTok. What a special opportunity to experience her talents AND learn some super helpful nuggets (Lord knows I need all the social media help I can get).

After the event, we took 30 minutes or so to grab some fun headshots and portraits around the resort in which I think we may have had a little too much fun? Haha! I have never laughed harder from behind the camera... Jera, you just make life so fun and what a natural you are in front of the camera AND on-stage! What can't she do?!

So much fun, my friend, and check out these beautiful images below from the portrait section of our session! If you guys are in Austin - hitting up Jera is a must!

Subtly plugging her info below if you need all the golden nugs (like I do) for social media do's and don't's :)