Mommy & Me Family Photos at the Mcc Rose Garden In Phoenix, Arizona

I have had the privilege of photographing Alex and little John at many different stages from when he was in mommy's belly to now and though I have loved EVERY one of our sessions together (they photograph sooo well, also with daddy) this may, just possibly, be a front runner. I have a soft spot for shooting with the spring blooms here in Arizona, and this is my first year out at the MCC Rose Garden... it is to DIE FOR! We had so much fun photographing with the roses, there were so many ways to get creative with shots - I just loved this! Little John was so into the roses, the different colors, playing in the grass... it was truly a perfect spot for a little dude of his age!

Alex and John are so dear to me.. one of my favorite aspects of my career as a Family Photographer, is that I get to walk along my family's as their babies and their families grow. I am so honored to be trusted to capture these ever-changing moments and sweet memories. It has been so fun to watch Little John grow as his personality continues to evolve, and to watch Alex and Johnnie embrace this season as new parents which they do with such grace and love.

I am already dreaming about returning to the Rose Garden next year for more family and motherhood sessions! The roses are in full bloom end of April into May. Some patches will pop up in January but then they prune the bushes back entirely leaving some pretty rough looking rose bushes. Though, come April and May, the garden is full of color and life! I'll be posting pretty early next year as bookings always fly for these Rose Garden sessions!