Beautiful Family Session at Jewel of the Creek Preserve in Cave Creek, AZ

As a photographer in the Arizona valley... it is not often that I have to account for inclement weather for my sessions. Most often of course is battling the summer heat and bundling up a bit for the winter sessions... otherwise, it's a rather non-factor! Until it's not...

We had this *beautiful* family's session planned for an earlier date in January, to which we rescheduled a few days prior because of the ongoing rain. The forecast for our rescheduled date appeared to be sunny and slightly cloudy. Checking the weather the morning of our session, the forecast read the same... however, I failed to remember that sometimes those rainclouds linger behind the northern mountain ranges and can sometimes slip through with a vengeance. Well needless to say, this is exactly what happened the evening of our session! As we're driving north towards Jewel, the clouds seeped over the mountains towards us - "you have got to be kidding me!" I thought as I ventured towards the Spur Cross Mountains.

Upon arrival, the Waite family is eager and as willing as ever to brave the weather (within reason) and power through. We did exactly that until the rain started coming down to which we decided to relocate over the Brown's Ranch, and we were not long rained out of there too!

I am so grateful to the Waite family for going with the flow and making the best of the hand we were dealt! And most importantly - we landed some amazing pictures despite the less-than-amazing conditions. Sometimes sessions like these will always leave us with memories to laugh back on.

Gina is styled in an ANP Client Closet dress and absolutely rocking the dress! The dress paired beautifully with the gents styles and even photographed stunningly in the overcast lighting.