style guide

Her Styles - Styles and dresses for your upcoming portrait session

Are you wondering what to wear for your upcoming portrait session? Is planning outfits holding you back from finally booking the family photos you may have been wanting for so long now? I'm here to help! I have rounded up 30 (ish) of my favorite dresses for her that are great options for family, maternity, or a couples session! When we book our session together, I provide a style guide that walks you through, step by step, how to style yourself, your kids, and your partner!

Believe it or not, style has a major influence on achieving my signature light and airy style. I am very upfront with my prospective clients prior to booking that our style preferences need to align so that you know exactly what kind of outcome to expect for your images. You will see lots of pastels, neutrals, and light colored styles which best compliment my shooting and editing style. This style isn't for you? I completely understand... this isn't for everyone! Though in that case, it's likely that I am not the ideal photographer for you.

My Style Guide, provided to you before AND after booking, is packed with tips, tricks, and resources to help guide you towards the best styles for you and your family, thus the best outcome of your images!

Client's styles are so important to me as I aim to maintain a consistent brand, so that for every new client who wants to book me, they know exactly what they are getting! This allows me to provide you the best possible service and outcome of photos you'll love.